Philosophical Exercise: Manifesting What You Are Actually Looking For, In Reality.

*photography and philosophical perspective by Jonathan Robert Martin

Interesting exercise for those, like I, who have really wanted something to change, or come into your Life, material or immaterial.

It is in Reality, an emotion that you are looking to experience in this Human vessel. Emotions represent movement from one thing to another in this Earthly experience.

Humans typically look to experience what has always been, what was remembered as comforting, the way it was.

This emotional experience is sought after relentlessly, subconsciously to many, and thus is the driving story of dissatisfaction.

It is comforting for some to dream of a world that once was, deep within the Ancestral stories of long ago, wherein there was no fighting, or at least no awareness of it. Hope in a false variety wants the fighting to stop, but doesn’t know how to do it.

INCREDIBLE tension amounts wanting it to be the same as it was and thus different than it is Now.

Being unable to accept this present moment is a pandemic of Epic proportions.

EXERCISE: If there are times where it's not good enough, or you want it to change, close your eyes, focus on your heart, and ask the question: What in my present situation is available for me to embody what I am looking for in those other experiences/things/changes etc? You’ll be amazed at what is recommended you do, or move. Record your findings, thoughts, visions, feelings, noticing etc. Share if you are inspired.

I have found in my experience, the reasons why I delay doing the things that I most want to do is because I can’t have the final outcome right away and thus I sit and don’t do anything about it, because it’s not ready. It’s not this, it’s not that, it’s not good enough…

Times have changed. Builders are required in this new Regenerative stage of Evolution, and it starts from a grassroots.

The dream from long ago will never be the same. Time to expand our concept of Dreaming.

Build with what you have around You and prove you are ready for its next renditions.

Remind Creator that you have engrained the lessons, that is Vital!

Settle into a foundation for which Creative gifts can now land.