• Jonathan Robert Martin

Please Clarify Your Definition of PURPOSE

What is It?


The Power.

The Human Potential.

That is what I focus on.

Because if I don’t.

It will not be.


Or Full Of That Is.


Potential unrecognized in Another,

Becomes the Potential.

Inevitably of course.

As is Life.

Full of Inevitability.

And wastelands, potentially.

If not careful,

It will not be anything to Share

If you cannot relate to this

Power that you have wielded,

In Unconscious ways,

Then it is up to You.

Not me, to punch it out.

Or threaten your Safety.

Or the food from your mouth.

Yes, Those Ways.

When it is Time,

When Perspective Gives Space,

I will know the Time.

Tensions released.

Song is sung.

Readiness Obtained.

All Ignitions Go.

Until then Pause.

And when Ready,

Step through the Invisible Door.

Nudge through it,

Create within it.

Assume its foundation.

Assumptions are Powerful.

Like Hope.

Like Judgment.

When You are Not Those Things.

That’s Possibility.

Or Impossibility.

Both required to find

Definition. Belonging.

Impossible with the Once,


Lusted for. At All Costs.

But Possible with its


A Hug.

Take a sigh.

Love it Up.

For it does what it does

In the Name of Love.

In its Own Definition.

Big Prices paid to simply

Shatter the pains of Life

In deep Separation.

That is Pain.

Can broken windows heal?

I have some pieces here...

Use the Creative Power to infuse

Bring Recognition.

To Wholeness

And All that Connects,

In recognition of a Source.

The Same Source.

Of course!

I know how to put this together.

There is a Map!

That clue there...

They All came from the same

Window, the same Source,

They have it written All over it!

I can tell, because....

I am connected to the...

Same Source....

Even the tiniest pieces of Dust?

Of course. And the horses.

Wherever they are in this world.

There, that One should go first.

And then that One.

Oh, do you think it's Time for that One?

Oh, I guess so!

We cannot leave anyone behind,

All of these pieces.

They have become trapped.

In Scarcity and Entitlement.

In Wholeness, an Opposite.

Potential and Freedom.

To Own, is first to be Owned.

Which means you and me,

Battling for Supremecy.

On Who is Right.

And Who will Not Die,

In the cold they said.

All require our Focus.

All deserve Attention.

When you decide that “All Lives Matter”

Can you please define All.

Please define Life.

Please define Matter.

Please define Privilege.

In those deeper questions, we will get the deeper answers and the resolution that calls us out in the first place.

We have the potential to stop fighting a raging fire with its perfect fuel source, unconsciously lusting towards a victory that is no victory at all...

Certainly no victory for ALL, Creator, the Totality.

The Source that is Home to All.

It is the Map back. It is the same unique identifier that paradoxically creates Uniqueness in our Human vessel. Imagine that, I wonder how much else can be explained through Paradoxical inquiry. Some would say No Thing. I would say Every Thing.

Everything is Perspective.

Privilege is a matter of Perspective, assuming something is better is sought after and kept from Others. Please define Better. Than what?

Are we sure?

Questions unveil Answers, go ahead, ask them for your Self...

:D :D :D

Thank you