• Jonathan Robert Martin

Prepare Sequenced Initiation - Another Dance with Initiatory Change

Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin


So has the dust settled in your inner being?


Is the storm still sweeping over?


A combination of both as we oscillate back and forth. Heavy and light, good and bad, better and worse. A rollercoaster of remorse that may indeed make you hurl, for the good of course.

Parts of this have been so incredibly draining and gaining at times, but I know in the draining times I am not actually draining, I am Initiating.

The Bat has been referred to as a culprit in this mess, again another symptom/blame/reaction, Old story, can be seen through, Next…

The Bat as I learned this summer is a magnificently fascinating species that symbolizes Initiation.

I was swarmed by a bat indoors last summer at it brought with it significant change, a calling into an Initiatory experience I could not have ever predicted.

I walked in a store the next day to tell this story to a cashier and a lady that was listening in began to tell me about the Spiritual implications of bat and its Initiatory implications.


This Covid-19 thing is an ‘Initiation’ in possibly the Grandest sense as it relates to humans, but is this merely a human illness? An illness that impacts All things, but originates in a Human definition we have been influenced to believe is True?

Initiation is a concept understood little in the West, but in many cultural traditions it embodies Life in all of its ways.

Many people want others to wake up until they do and realize that they are now the ones who have to hold space for those waking up. Ouch! Time to face it…. Time to hold space for it.


I have studied initiatory experiences over the last decade rather intently. Obsessively?



Something was inching me towards the great fall. This is not actually defined by years or certifications or credentials although the mind can tell you adamantly that it is.

This is defined merely as One’s ability to face What Is.

An inevitability that always is prefaced by an amnesia, a forgetting that converges into a Remembering.

The ability to ‘thrive’ or at very least ‘survive’ Initiation is defined by many variables such as level of Support, level of Maturity and/or Experience; space/time/resource constraints etc, however facing What Is, Is What allows for Change to process. Period.

A letting go of that which needs to change, to reinvent one’s relationship with that particular thing, is the Key.

Everything is a Relationship.

All Relationships have the Power to harmonize and come back to Balance.


The Initiation can come in many shapes and sizes, it is a recognizing of something being offered, something wishing to be seen, to be perhaps let go of or die, and so then some thing else can be reborn.

In its recognition, we can glimpse the magnificence of the changing experiences and our Relationship to these experiences. This is the self-validation that is required to continue on, in Faith that is.

Healing does not imply perfect Peace with the flick of a switch or swallow of a substance.

We are not Healed. We are in the process of Healing, which in a more relevant way can be defined as a process of Initiation. Meeting an edge or a threshold and being faced with a choice, if we can face the reason for needing to make the choice in the first place.

Wow could we all benefit from realizing that we must look at what is not working to define and transform it into something that does.

Wow would it be remarkable for Everyone to realize that we are all holding onto similar erergies that could transform into something so beautiful if we give them time and space to Be. This is authenticity. Not a definitive outcome, but a recognition that Here is the only place you can actually Be for any of this to make sense or come to fruition as we have so adamantly demanded for Lifetime(s).


It is a pinnacle. Something we know in all levels of being as a state of Ultimate Awareness and perhaps a tapping into the Tree of Love to nourish yourself with Nature’s spirit sap.

This sap or essence flows through All things and is the connection back to this infinite Love that is Creator.

It is not viscous as a sap, but I couldn’t help my self with the analogy.

What is being reborn through Transformation?

A deeper connection to God. Is God Gold when your Old? Possibly age has to do with the depth of experience to relate to the inner Truth emerging, but I do not want to be hear telling people they cannot be wisdom keepers until they are over 65. That is irresponsible and non-Life affirming.

Our connection to God, or at least the taste of something else being possible that fits our emerging Inner Nature a little better is what compels us into the quest for More.

The insatiable quest for More.

Paradoxically, this is where physical reality can get tricky.

The feelings we associate with concepts that we relate to on a deeper Spiritual level can actually be distractions.

For example, consumer culture values More. More wealth. More material. More status. More for retirement! More goals and the list goes on.

We are seeing the illness of Consumer Culture be Initiated, which again is simply a rising to the Surface, an unveiling for Truth-filled eyes to see, even if those eyes have refused to open for the duration of One’s life. It is too evident now. I’m sorry it has to be this way.

Even consumption is a Universal Truth. Things consume other things in order to perpetuate their Survival, whether Conscious or Not? Right?

How closely related some things are, but how far a part they can actually be…

That is potentially why we feel like something is always about to happen, but the more we watch the pot boil, the less it boils…


The illness rising and its corresponding limitation is the sacrifice in this Initiation. For in all Initiations some thing must die. And in a Spiritual sense, it is the Separation, or One’s disconnection from God that must die to rebirth a new embodiment of that which has been so adamantly denied.

Illness is both the symptom and the cause in one as those two things are inseparable, meaning if we trace the symptom back far enough, we will get to the cause, the Origin of Source.

Nature in its Infinite Intelligence knows these things, even if we pretend it is not true.

Nature knows All things. You cannot lie to It, only pretend that it cannot hear you. It is You! hahaha. To think of all we have tried to hide, when All that is surrounding Us is Alive and knowledgeable about our secrets is so funny to me.


Only in separating illness as an isolated incident, a one-off or soup of the day, can it be so fragmented as to not have a Source Origin, and thus we cannot even contemplate Source Origin or the fact that we have influence and Power to move in a different direction.

The symptom therefore then becomes the Origin, no resemblance of any Past situation, by itself, a lonely isolated trauma that has a Life of its own, owned in emotional reaction and thus added to the Amnesic process that serves so vital in this Work.

This resistance of Self-Awareness and accountability then becomes our template for Future creation. Good things in, bad things out. Please oh please!!!

With this very immature philosophy, unfortunately for most, bad things come in, good things move out. We have become amnesic to this as well. Fleeting in our memory of what we are actually doing here and What we actually are, not Who, and what we can Create.


In the connecting of dots in Life, something very magical opens up as we begin to clear this amnesic response. We are Waking up. We are Remembering.


Our True Nature. Our Connection to Creator.

Amnesia is perfect. A tricky little Life ingredient that pulls the shade over our eyes long enough to serve the Purpose that we are here to embody through Destiny.

It serves the perfect sequence for Us to make sense of this All and Trust me, it is All available to make sense of. All of the information right here Now. It has even been slowed down with Time for us to grasp it’s significance.

Sound cliche?

Good. You’ve heard this before.

There’s a reason you keep hearing it over and over again.

Cliches are thrown out all around and we in the habitual mouth moving that I know all to well, we miss the Glimpse of Gold in these words.

We are All One. That’s a good one! Cliche right?

Paradoxically, you actually have to say this not knowing what the fuck you are saying to later inevitably embody it.

A perpetual prayer that accumulates in your solidarity and discipline to it. Guaranteed! But faith is required as there will be moments of “what the hell am I doing” that is for certain.

Some thing amnesic requires Us to pretend ‘We Are One’ when in Truth we are doing everything in our Power to pretend that We Are Not.

Something knows we are Separate and against all odds calls on the words “We Are All One” as if regurgitating through a false-sense of hope.


This is where Initiation comes in. It is both the amnesic veil as well as the process of lifting the veil as well as the process of birthing some new Relationship to One’s True Identity, an inseparable representation of God.

It is also the Rules of the Game. It is Everything, yes.

This sounds fantastic! Wow, how do I start playing that game?

When you realize that you’ve done everything in your Power to run from God, which equates to running from Self, which equates to Codependency, which in my view results in All illness.

This is a bold statement.

Let’s allow this to digest if you need to.

Seriously, can illness not be seen in its entirety as a disconnect from One’s True Nature, or their Source Connection, or Connection to God?

There is a reason Jesus is seen as a healer in the stories of the Bible, although I will profess to not having read it in its entirety. I can however interpret it. How is that possible?

I simply and rather complicatedly honed my own relationship with that which the Bible is referring to, Creator/God, in my Own Choice-filled way.

My church-going days were not filled with any type of real emotion, in fact it could be said to have been emotionless.

I was more interested in my budding feelings of girls and playing sports in the gym.

Like one of those funerals where no one cries and you all go out to eat sandwiches while Elephants parade the room, gulping the dry salmon salad sandwich with crusts cut off topped with a whole load of grief.

Grief is what is created from Loss.

Grief is the recognition. It is an emotional process. It is the culmination and reciprocation of Grief.


Questions of consideration:

In this time and space, what have we lost?

What have we actually lost?

What have we gained?

What seems most important right now?

Am I scared?

Why am I scared?

What is the Source Origin of this fear and is it True of my True Nature?

I will preface this with the fact that not everyone in the world will be able to sit and read through this, let alone see that it is posted somewhere. Amnesia is real and is necessary.

Not all people are going to be the way you want them to be, like you that is.

Not possible.

Time to open up perspectives and allow inner diversity to merge with the acceptance of outer diversity as it isn’t going anywhere…

Is our need for others to be where we are, or to wake up, or to change, or to stop being so afraid, simply an inability to accept the notion that although we are connected, we are All connected to something Greater than that? Creator?

What has us so afraid of accepting our Role in the part of it All?

It’s intense, that’s why.

Everything in our power held back the Power of Creator, of our deepest relationship to Nature, inside and out.

If our template of existence, our meter of progress is based on the current status-quo of the Human collective, this will stunt growth.

Why? Because it’s capacity is the collective in itself. Therefore the One’s that are driving the process of ascension into a more holistic and empowered framework of being are focusing on averages. Sadly, averages won’t do it for turning this mother ship around.

Growth sadly has not been on the minds of the masses, however, am I speaking now out of turn?

When does this observation change?

When can we stop making our limiting observations and instead observe a different form being Clarified?

What trumps all of these questions, debates, etc. or perhaps actually allows us to embody it as knowledge is experience.

Experience is the wading through enough of the storied fables and excuses of why we are not worthy of Creator’s Love and instead giving your Self permission to embody it. Be it. See through its eyes and beat through its heart.

Go ahead!

Ask away: “Where in my being is the embodiment of Creator’s Love?” (Allow awareness to move as it will, like a river flowing in perpetuity)

Creator is Love. In its totality, if you collected everything together, although that in a limit human approach is a fallacy in its Self, but for hypothetical purposes bundle everything in, All of It, that is Love. That is the embodiment of Love. The totality.

It is fleeting because it needs to be. It requires Amnesia too, to create a veil that makes sense and creates magnificent glory at all stages of the Path. If you are waiting for the Big Pay Day or the Big Outcome, perhaps you are not recognizing all of its Components and how they lend themselves to the Greater Creation.


When I talk about Love, I’m not talking about the shape society has labelled a heart, stamped on the chest of a Carebear to spew it out in ownership as its judgement onto Evil, hoping that it will create enough heat to burn off the evil waters of darkness… Wrong. The attack perpetuates.

Chase and be chased. Run and be chased. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

The attack.

This feels like attack? Emotionally an onslaught. Nothing I’m not used to, but there are moments of great despair.

I have felt under attack.

This is Initiation. It is Safe. It always has been, but requires us to stay the course.

Initiation is where we face ‘What Is’ to realize through enough personal anecdotal evidence that we have in our Power to turn to Gold even the heaviest and densest of experiences.

This Initiation does not happen in one particular realm of Being. The physical ‘symptom’ connected to the mental ‘symptom’ connected to the emotional ‘symptom’ connected to the Spiritual ‘symptom’, All connected.

All of these ‘symptoms’ are connected back to an Source of Origin. Everything has an Origin Source. Any collective or individuated component has a Source Origin. It can be no other way, or else randomness would indicate no story, no meaning, no relevance, no significance, no Greater power, and for that I do not stand.

I do hold space for these views to embody Humans, but I cannot see from this lens and therefore speak from the only voice box I know.

All Humans in my mind have potential to Initiate, but perhaps after enough quelling, obsessing, conniving, we can drop the need for Others to change and realize this is an inner job that inevitably merges the Inner and Outer world, collapsing the duality so to speak.



Realize that It Is Already Working.

Things are already changing.

No thing actually has to change as this is only a limiting self-view that change is not possible. Yes, ponder that for a second.

If you want something to change, and it is not, perhaps we are trying a little to hard to change something that may already be in the process of transformation through merely your thought Power, but doubt is holding it back.

Doubt is a form of amnesia, it’s great, so meaningful! Go into doubt, it’s interesting to objectively view it.

It is so easy to think we are powerless, when that is all we have learned. Hahahaha. I laugh in my ability to hold space for it, but also in the Grief I too still carry.

Laughter is a response I have to the monstrosity of duality that we have had to go through. It helps me, although when you hear it, potentially I am not actually making fun of it, but laughing with it.


It has always been, it can never be fought, and only when we think we’ve conquered the suppression of something that cannot be suppressed, we are again reminded of this by its reappearance.

Nothing is changing!!! When will this end!! I can’t do this anymore!!! Stop happening!!!

This is legit, not my pretend exaggeration of a Truth I have not come to face, I have faced it. Head on. It’s big. It’s the pandemic. I continue to face. We are all in this together.

The insecurity, the confusion, the Codependency of our Nature being sold away to the highest bidder, all sadly for the next high that has Us immediately looking for More.

Regardless of your substance, addictions are Up!!!

Things that we look to distract us, Up!!!

Conspiracy Theories are too overwhelming right now, everything else is already coming up, do I have to look at that shit too?

Do I have to look at my inner beliefs of why I am being lied to (or perceiving that I am), or that how things are getting worse, or that something is out to manipulate… that too??!?!?!?!

If it presents itself, it causes reaction, it is a request from Your True Nature for you to return your Power.

It is an awareness Gift from the Ancestors, from your Higher Self, from the beings of Nature that support your Destiny, for that too is known.

This is done through Source Origin. Anything can.

Yes, the template of your frequency, what you were here to do, can be Remembered.


Question: Where in my being is the perfect connection to my Source of Origin here on Earth?

This can be also asked as a Universal question and so forth, but we can ask for here and Now on Earth as that seems to be what everyone is worrying about.

The limits to your questions is a limit of the desire to be acquainted with that which you are made of.

Everything has a Source Origin. All Source Origins and their manifestations are Elemental. Based on building blocks.

Every component and every collective of those components, including the All and the No Thing, has a Source Origin. Even in the denial of a Source Origin is a Source Origin lol.

When we go through Initiatory experiences such as the current state of affairs we witness with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are faced with Choice, but this Choice is rooted in a Source Origin as well. So is Covid-19 in all of its delusional and contradictory faces.

Is there a possibility that something exists outside of Us, a greater Power and influence than we could ever imagine that is somehow dictating How We Show Up?

That is an answer for the Stars and the Moons and the Planetary epic ness that appears to be above, but I’ll remind it’s All around. One directional observations are a perfect fit for human comprehension, but they often do Us disservice.

This is an answer that we must first ask a Question of. How you get answers is your choice, your awareness, but let me remind us All that Everything is Connected.

Call me Mr. Cliche. I digress…


So when we’re mad, that has a Source Origin, because as Creator has alluded to, the Intention and the Outcome are inseparable, regardless of how far in time you feel you are perceiving, What Is, Is.

It was always that way, because it would not be had something not Originally intended it to be. I would not be talking about this stuff had it not been a completely contradictory way to begin with.

Thank you Ancestors for granting me the wings to do this work at this time.

This sets up the great contexts of Life, the great quests, the great mysteries, the great sense of belonging and connection that is inherent and innate in all of Us, but starts with inadequacies, Separation and isolating from What We Truly Are.

So meaningful it is!

We All have a connection back to a Source, even in our brilliance that we wished to define through our Destiny.

Yes, imagine that. What we intended before we arrived is one and the same thing with what we intended on leaving this Earth plane with. An available energy for healing and wisdom.

The intention or what we would leave this Earth with has nothing to do with asset accumulation, although in the human design we confuse ourselves that it is.

The Gifts remaining, the ash left behind in the Fire of what we have Destroyed through our Creation, Is What Is.

It Is, What Is left in terms of resonance. A vibration. An added ingredient into the collective soup that is Humanity.

Yes, we are always adding ingredients into this pot, as much as I’m adding into the frog collective pot, as much as I’m adding into the far away galaxy pot, I am felt. And that is enough. The entirety of this design Feels Me.


When we identify Source Origin through our Initiatory experiences, the experiences that cause a sense of discomfort or pain, allow for a momentary access point wherein a precipice emerges.

In this precipice, we open up to a choice.

This choice is sublte, but it is always contained in the Initiatory experience, as choice is what we have come here to regain is it not?

It is forgotten in Amnesia, however it is Crucial to forging new paths and frameworks that work better for where our Destiny compels us.

When we regain the choice to Break-Free from the traps and limitations we have set upon our selves, while Simultaneously allowing More of our True Nature to be returned, our connection to Creator/God, we become more satisfied versions of ourselves, we are more fulfilled, we relentlessly come back to the Present moment.

Yes, cliche cliche. The Present moment is all there is.


May strength be with you to figure this out. It is an Initiation of grand proportions.

‘All there is is Now’ is True, because this is where the One Time thing makes sense, and this is where the One Space thing makes sense, but more importantly my experience through these Initiatory moments has allowed me to connect the dots.

In any deviation from this moment, I am not really doing the entirety justice, I am choosing to Separate and this is not where I am most Powerful and valuable for the Communities I serve. This is where I do not express myself as I am.


This path, this journey, is about paradox, it is about opposites complementing each other and creating tensions with each other in an attractive and repulsive dance to make shit happen. To unfold and unveil the play, the grandest play being that orchestrated by Creator itself.

The embodiment of Creator is the Ultimate Power that can be returned, and it is often funny at how strong our power tied up in defending our false sense of identity can be. It can confuse and trick Us into thinking that this is the only possibility, eliciting the amnesic effect I speak of.


This undeniably, in no way fashion or form, how you react, or how you show up to Initiation is not your fault.

Reaction, especially in its draining methodology, is a learned response. We have come hear for the unlearning and simultaneous relearning of Nature, inside and Out. This requires us to Initiate into that which we hold onto so aggressively in a pursuit for More. Oh the paradoxes…

Ultimate Power shows up in so many ways, but if I can boil it down to a few simple comments:

1) when you stop judging something you’ve judged your whole Life (HOLY SHIT RELIEF);

2) when you do something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could (HOLY SHIT RELIEF);

3) When you do something you’ve never wanted to do, but realize it’s actually fantastic and makes so much sense of Everything, and you do have the Power to face your fears (HOLY SHIT RELIEF);

4) Things just make sense and start happening! (HOLY SHIT RELIEF)

You may even start to realize the holiness of Shit, literally, as it too is a remarkable process of metabolizing, alchemizing, and creating Earth matter from the food we nourish or un-nourish ourselves with. The same thing that happens with composting is happening within.


Climate Change is an Inner Job, not to be fought.


I could sit here Crystal-balling all day long, which I do, for myself, for my family, as I’m connected to this entirety, I too am putting my two-cents in, a Gift I could no longer ignore.

But what does that have to offer?

What do predictions offer Us?

Are there predictions that we settle into easier than Others?

Are our predictions on receiving Justice from or towards something we have deemed against?

Can we set aside the agenda for what needs to appear and realize that ‘What Is’, is Now, and that is All there ever will be and it may never be as we once knew it to be.

Woah!!! That is a big ask…

Question: Where in my being is the place that loves and accepts this Moment and What Is? (allow your awareness to move as you command with questions…)

Even asking this question, in its mere simplicity is doing something huge, and our job here is to realize that in This, What Is, Is Everything, Is Enough. Our simplicity is enough. Our rest is enough. Our patience or impatience is enough.

This equates to feeling fulfilled. If you literally had ALL you needed, would you feel satisfied?

Everything is available in our touches with Creator, the Love in all shades of its evolution towards Enormity.

What if you realized you had been chasing something for your inner peace-of-mind and satisfaction for nearly a lifetime to find out it wasn’t the thing that you intended it to be?

Would that create some sort of tension?

Inner struggle?

Deterioration of false identities, limited thinking, traumatic responses?

Of course!

This is Initiation.

The Big One. But don’t we all want it to end. Aren’t we so quick to say this is the Last one. That is conditioned. It is normal for bad things to be both discouraged and prevented, sometimes at all costs.

We are seeing this in the Health of the people.

Health is not an indication of a specific strain of virus. It is the mental, emotional, and spiritual background that emanate the physical symptoms society has been taught to chase.

Initiation is Ultimately a recipe of Power being brought back to Humanity and the struggle that the tension of this promise creates.

Change is here.

But it still sucks! I hate my situation, I can’t stand staying at home, I want to get paid, I want to be of service, I’m tired of not being essential… the list goes on!!!

I’ve had to wade through all of these. You?

Change is forever, if not this thing, than what next?

I said years ago that if one thing is not good enough, All is not good enough. That still holds True to me.

When some thing in Life is not good enough, how we Relate to it is not meeting some expectation or standard or outcome that we have come to predict. Whether it is out of preferred comfort or aversion to its Opposite, when one thing becomes Separate, the Whole thing ceases to be a thing.

Over time, we come back to the Whole thing more and more often, the oscillation begins. The waffling through doubt and insecurity, however when we face this as What Is, the NEED to change dissolves and True Change, which is Reality can emerge.

This connection back to Reality is the connection back to Creator/God.

Each and every time we are met with an Initiatory experience, and we are Conscious in our choices and ability to meet this experience, we bring Power back.

’Choose’ to take a nap, ‘choose’ to go to bed late, ‘choose’ to get out of bed early, if it is from your own Source of Power, it is feeding the Empowerment of Others, whether you connect or not, you are adding Wholeness to your corresponding recipes.

Physical connection is not the only connection available, although in a symptom chasing culture it can appear to be.

What are the other health ramifications from a lockdown of this Nature? How is it impacting our Health from a holistic point of view?

Is it destructive? It can be, but it can also be highly Creative and Empowering as we are seeing in so many examples.

Is it possible in the paradoxical Nature that is Reality that we can be forced to Isolate and instead return reborn, ready to connect in a more intimate way than we ever knew possible.

We have to know what we’ve lost before we’ve fully engrained and appreciated the Gift that is being offered.

When we do anything from our Own Power, our Connection to Creator, we are gifting the collectives we serve. Period. Your breath is Enough.

Through our Essential participation, we are adding in our frequency into the mix that defines Humanity.

We are adding in our frequency into the mix that defines anything really, we are clarifying our ingredient.

This in itself is Enough. Isn’t it?

If change is what you want, perhaps we’re looking in the wrong places, perhaps we’re trying to hard, perhaps we’re still running from and denying that which presents itself to you as the Gift in this moment.

If I’m looking for change by watching Big News, sorry wrong place. That is where I head to return Power. These are the collective stories that reside within the depths of my darkest and longest shadows that I am being asked to look at, Now, finally, thank God. I Am Reuniting with Creator.


It’s like a big party, and if you go to the party, which is in a house, you are at the house party. Everyone in the house is at the house party. Now extrapolate that out and think of the Earth as a House.

We are all at the Earth Party.

We are all also at the Human Party, but in the refining of our sense of Identity as it gets more and more Separate and condensed, it becomes more and more heavy to manage internally.

I am a Conservative, even more Separate, even more difficult to hold down the proverbial fort, in All Ways.

Separation is pain and begets more Pain.

So as much as we are adding in our ingredients of our Essence or Falsities, both required, we have to ask ourselves to which collectives do we truly belong?

In my honest opinion, anything other than All, Creator, God, feels limiting. It feels diminishing. It feels moving backwards, but again can this create propulsion forwards?

In the limitless of constraint can we see an Opposing force building that propels Us into our True Nature? Gold!

To identify just as a human is an anxious approach. Why?

Well, think of where you are on a transformational path, what you had to come through, what you had to lose, and now extrapolate that out, no wait don’t… that’s heavy shit!

There are many who haven’t done this, what you have done, and therefore how significant has it become that You have the ability to hold space… as scary as that sounds.

We are all connected because we cannot bypass any of the symptoms, even in our ignorance, because Nature does not really care if we listen or not, it will get the point across one way or another. Even if it takes 1,000’s of years.

It will forge a human face in the stone in the promise that one day a Human will find that face and liken it to the Life of their own.

<What we identify with, becomes our perception of Reality.>

We cannot actually Create our Own Reality, because this would signify an ownership of Reality itself, and Reality is something that cannot be Owned or Separated in its scarcity.

This is in fact the opposite, Separation.

Reality Is. It is What It Is.

It was derived by an Intention, and all Outcomes are influenced by this Intention. This can be said True for all experiences, wherein we are all participants and thus All connected, and what derived One derived All.

But rather than me considering Self to be All connected in a huge umbrella of Humanness, I would much rather serve Humanity from my Human vessel, but in the association with All and the Totality. An embodiment of something Greater not for ‘being better’ but perhaps merely ‘feeling better.’

Feeling better is a feeling of okayness of your Present Situation.

When we realize the Past is what ‘presents’ itself in the ‘Present’ then we can trust the Future is flowing to Us as needed, but it is Gold.

It is Gold because we have proven this time and time again, that when we face, when we allow stories and patterns to move on, there is Gold.

If I keep my eye on what is presenting itself in Life, I am constantly walking into Gold, regardless of how initially painful this is.


At the house party, regardless if you want to sit in the corner not saying a word; or you want to be the village idiot or every shade and possible manifestation in between, we are all participants and all contribute to the party’s definition.

We are not the party, but we contribute in significant ways.

This is the meaning of we are All Connected.

We define the collectives we serve, but it is important to not have them define Us in a sense of Ownership.

Only in the sense of Totality, Creator, God, do definitions cease to be important.

Ask the question: Where in my being do definitions cease to hold importance? (Allow awareness to guide you there.)

But back to the question of what happens when this is over is simply reserved as a Human statement.

Something that is Greater than the collective of Humanity knows what is next, knows what happens, but it relentlessly in my opinion forces Us into the submission of ‘needing to know’ so that we can embody knowing, paradoxically in not needing to know, but that is a whole other story and writing.


Do you think that there potentially comes the risk of Identifying with something that actually is not a full representation of You?

People are terrified! It can be so hard to see the association when the unconscious reactionary display is so aggressive, literally people running to the hills to wipe their ass with excessive amounts of toilet paper. Jesus.

But do you know that this is a thing in your ‘perception’ of Reality because it is a thing we hold a key to?

The key is your freedom, it is their freedom, it is their freedom, because the Return of Your Power is Enough, and this is the road of Initiation.

You are Enough at All times. This notion of ‘enough-ness’ is added as an ingredient to the collective recipe and therefore Others become aware of the glimpse, you being a walking billboard of something that feels so near and dear and is not requiring a masquerade to hide its close but not close True appearance.

As dense as the collective of Humanity is, it is rising, Initiation is HERE.

What does that mean?

Well, if my Life is any sort of guideline, it’s messy and beautiful all-in-one. As simple as I can explain. The messiness is required to see the Cleanliness that fills into your Soul vessel as Yearssssssss of trauma filters out.

How do I know this?

I’ve gone through 1,000’s of Initiations, consciously, and have seen it in the most macro and minute of ways, it’s obvious. We all have, but for some it remains Unconscious, so be it, their journey!! You can help by being You. That’s enough.

We are in Initiation for those who choose to care about our future Destiny.

Throughout my Initiatory experience in this, I have simultaneously created Clarity (I can spot more falsities and lies than I could before) and thus have embraced more of my Relationship with Creator and Nature, it is ever growing and Life-affirming.

Initiation has people look at things in-depthly because it has been gnawing at the door for so long that there it now no door left to gnaw.

Especially when it is impacting many Humans at the same time, can we hold our Emotional responses in a Loving and Caring embrace?


Or we can beat ourselves down, both required in my opinion to make a sequenced sense of this thing called Life.

My hope is that this Path is easier for Others than it has been for me. Only in malicious intent would I ever want for the same thing, or worse, to be ‘done’ to another. My transformational Path although MAGICAL beyond proportions, was rather aggressive and appeared to be dangerous, but necessary, and totally Safe lol…

It took a lot to wade through the big big stuff, and I continue to, but Creator in its totality is benevolent indeed and now it expresses through me. Thank God! :)


We saw/see this with Dementia, and other illnesses.

Something unconscious displaying heinous behaviours that we would rather not see, but the ONLY reason we see them is that we are connected in some way, in some Ancestral storied connection, in some traumatic response, in some Future possibility, it is All for a reason.

It is sad to see, on the topic of Dementia, how our Loved Ones have been further Separated from family. They are in lockdown. They are not receiving the same adequate treatments.

Understandably, the immune system of the compromised needs to be respected, but is this not the case all the time? Should this always not be a consideration?

Should I Now always be afraid of transmitting an illness to someone or something that in its root is already ill?

Should I limit myself because some one else cannot handle it?

This sounds super callous in the face of the Elderly considerations I just made, but can we extrapolate this even more?

This is not just about whether I think it’s stupid that we have a lockdown over something that is proving itself to be less contagious and deadly than all the statistical projections tried to predict.

Truth, look around, the numbers are tweaked. They are over-shot. Assumptions.

How have we Created so much manipulation? What is Lying?

It is something other than the Truth of course, but a notion and an inseparable one, from the Path of Wholeness, because Truth is not disguised, it is exposed in the falsity many have come to know and Live.

I’ve come from a Narcissistic Patriarchy culture, and look where I am now Mom! Hey teacher, I wasn’t a total failure although I know you secretly wanted me to be… hehehe.

Defence allows us to protect ourselves in the face of Emotional consequences.

Emotional feeling as a sense, has been undermined.


It connects so much. It defines our Experience. It defines the journey to Destiny and how that unfolds.

Emotionality is a Human Gift, not a curse. It is both a reason for being and a reason for our experience. It is rooted as well as it is prevalent in its symptomatic response.

I am feeling emotional right now writing this. I feel sad. I feel sad that we have come here, but I am quickly reminded in the space I allow for sadness, that with sadness and remorse of what was Lost, always comes Gold. No matter what.

This is change. This is Initiation and I stand up to hold space for myself, reach out when needed, and hold strong for Others that begin the Great Work.

The Great Work is catalyzed when something ‘new’ comes to our awareness. Through this taste, we embark on a Path of Insatiable desire for More connection to Creator and thus our Magic and Mystery unveils. This I cannot define. It is too sacred.


Initiation is the process in which we realize what does not work, and invite in what does. It is a process of walking edges and thresholds of what is comfortable, and breaking free from the molds that tell us not to go, think or do as we feel.

Freedom is Ultimate, it is a Connection with Creator and a reintroduction to the Nature that we knowingly call our Home.

If water is pumped into a balloon, sooner or later the container (the balloon) will reach its maximum fillable capacity and at that time a threshold will be reached.

It’s super finite, a specific point in space and time as we perceive it. An edge.

The threshold is the threshold is the threshold, there is no almost threshold, it is either on the threshold of a state change or its not.

Threshold therefore represents a space between two times, a time between two spaces.

The balloon being this piece of rubber that fills up with air to resemble a circular tear drop shape that kids seem to ‘love’, but perhaps there is some more subconscious lure to this than we may know.

When the Balloon reaches threshold, BOOM, Initiation. The balloon changes shape. Shape shifting balloon. The cause of this could be seen to be the excessive water, or air, that was delivered into the balloon, but can we go even Deeper?

Was that the Intention? What was the Original Source?

Something wanted air in the balloon in the first place to satisfy a Need. It always goes a little deeper than we think.

Something needed something to celebrate.

Something needed to represent this celebratory experience.

Something is celebrating change!

Something recognized change!

Something Initiates.

Wow… imagine that. A balloon represents change in its method of filling, its output of sustaining and containing air, and its intention of being, can be such a metaphor for our current state of affairs.

And ironically, lungs (balloons) filled up with water, is pneumonia, is pandemonia, Pandemic. Not really after the fear dusts settles though eh?

This is an opportunity to meet Initiation. Go to the edge. Go to the threshold of comfort to unveil the aspect of Greatness that cares not about comfort, but expression of its True Nature.

To celebrate change. Growth. Progress. Evolution. A path of mystery, but in its milestones and pieces, dots, it becomes connected and Clarity reemerges.

I have never felt so Clear in my Life, yes even in the reading of bombarding and conflicting reports, everyone trying to sway an agenda.

Fuck the agenda. I have none. I came here to talk about balloons filling up, and to drop a few f-bombs.

I don’t need your Religious conversion, nor your VIP sign-up, I don’t need your promissory notes (although I will accept donations !!), I don’t need your sympathy nor your condolences, I am changing right now, and so are we all, and there is some Ugly coming up.

I can face that and embrace that, there is space for that, and I can ask to be shown where the Love is for that too. I can hold space for the Ugly because I can convert it to Beautiful.

Question: Where in my being is the feeling of Enough? Where is the feeling of Nature being enough? Can I align the inner and outer worlds of this feeling of Enough?

That is Enough… For Now…



JONATHAN ROBERT MARTIN is an Intuitive & Holistic Life Guide for Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing. Jonathan guides his clients towards Empowering themselves to feel Safer, More Nourished, More Validated, and More Disciplined in their pursuits. Jonathan uses intuitive questioning, spiritual guidance, transformative practices past down from lineages that are more than 50,000 years old although some would say they've always been there. I use conflict mediation, dream therapy, reality observations to unfold conflict and empower people to shift course and reaccess the inner wisdom connected to their Destiny. I am a herbalist in training, vocalist, song writer, sound healer, poet and writer, speaker, and group facilitator. I am a husband, father, but amongst All things, i am a representative of Creator on the Path of Wholeness. And that is Enough.


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