• Jonathan Robert Martin

Question Everything? Facts & Fiction...

How is it possible to compare severity in death rates and #s without comparing them historically? By region, by month. Are we tracking status quo?

What would have happened in terms of a morbidity rate this year vs last by province or state, by death type, by month, regardless of cause and then by cause?

Could this diminish the hype?

If a nursing home has someone die that has Coronavirus indications, as apparently there is no 100% test to confirm the presence of Covid 19 isolated, Are they counting this as COVID-19 death? Yes.

Therefore all deaths assume to be the cause of COVID-19, Whether it was or not?

It seems everything Is blaming COVID-19? Much like climate change agenda.

This is a smokescreen tactic, to distract, and to manipulate the actual problems at hand. The problems that were here before COVID-19, and will be here after COVID-19. The truth is not feeling like the physically separated world.

Will these figures be questioned? With utmost scrutiny.

How many of these individuals would have died anyways?

Sadly from experience, Isn’t a long-term care home a place where people go to die? Or is it a place where people go to have their lives saved? In the face of profit. Is it True that Anyone who dies that has any sort of trace of coronavirus whether it’s COVID-19 or not is considered a COVID-19 death?

The stats and numbers are misleading. They have always been. I know this because I was in business and manipulate the data daily so that I could sell the agenda that my company was looking to push.

If there is any data point they can strengthen the case for persuasion, it is latched on like a fly on shit. Anything to spin something to keep spinning.

This tactic is not isolated in business, health and profit need to be separated in my opinion, Now more than ever.

The mainstream news has always been misleading, it was created as a propaganda tool and medium of control.

I’m not saying that it has no recourse or rehabilitation potential. There is good news out there, however it is off the beaten path, off the main stream, off the stream that prays on subconscious fear.

May this be a gateway to separate the need to profit off of sick people and sickness of mind, and soul.

May this be a gateway to clarity and transparency, and openness to questioning, and accountability to public dialogue an inquiry.

May this be an exposition of the ultimate Truth and may this expose anything in its way that no longer serves us, as we open arms and acceptance and regain the power back as it was rightfully ours.

May this be a gateway to deeper self discernment, Love and Compassion. Question question question!! Jonathan