• Jonathan Robert Martin

Recognizing the Power of Your Invisible Support

It takes going into Self to recognize the Power and Potential of our Relationships with Nature.

The Relationship will mirror in one's ability to sit within Nature and listen without running off to some other obligatory response mechanism.

It takes recognizing the Power and Potential that is on your side and the enormity of support to venture through this winding Nature path. We create this relationship.

If the enormity of support is available, through the Power of Nature and your Natural gifts, that is a BIG part of Purpose.

If the enormity of the Earth Mother is on your side as you balance your relationship with her, that is unequivocal.If the enormity shows up in Spirit world based on your recognition and humility, what happens to the people that show up to receive your Gifts! Enormity.

The Sky is an arbitrary limit when it is bound by atmospheric concepts of the mind. It is connected to the Infinite, so are You and I.Mirror mirror, Love you Jonathan