• Jonathan Robert Martin

Relationship with Control....

What is your relationship with that which we feel controls us, that which we feel takes from us, that which we feel does not care for us?...

What do you call this thing? Have you ever called it They? empire, system, elite etc. etc. etc.

When we identify with things, we give them an actualization albeit energetic, it is there.

When we admit that an energy, an entity, has power over, do we secretly give over our health and well being, that which can care for and is dear to us?

Would it manifest in all the wrong ways perhaps to take care of Self, planet and others?

Can we say no more? yep.

Can we instead focus on a new "they" or your own unique term for something that is emerging from a New story?

Can we heal our relationship to that which has not cared for you, and rather has attempted your destruction?

Can we instead see the inner destroyer that cares not for creation, and sit in the middle where we can create and/or destroy with conscious command?

Can we say that "they" does not define us or control our destiny, but simply is a page in humanity's true-story, and then a new story can be created.

I am excited for all the things I am contributing to in this new story.