Relinquishing the Punishment

Oh what a topic. A squirmy one to be honest.

One that had me doing everything in my Power to avoid it.

Yes, in my recollection the Punishment, whether it is loud and visible, or quiet and hidden, it is palpable. The deep gut wrenching guilt that has us do the things that will get others' approval before the sovereignty of the Soul and thus Self.

The Great Denial, the thing that chooses not to be seen, and in this, perhaps the Great Punisher shows itself.

There to punish others for not falling in line.

Why? oh Why?

Because we have been punished.

We punish because punishment is embedded into the dualistic expression of the Creation story. This is just one part, the homecoming is on, and it is about learning to cooperate and rehabilitate because there are big challenges we need to work together to resolve and this involves Regeneration.

This is just a noticing, not a long philosophical rant, but ponder it, where are you actively punishing your Self? What are you not doing for fear of punishment?

This simple noticing is enough, and then with this noticing, where do you choose to go? Imagine a state of being where punishment was not a concern, it was simply a Human acting in God's Will to express itself exactly and uniquely as it is.

This unique is nothing like we have ever seen, or else it would have been, and it was, but it was not, so move on, it can be no different and it never will be the same. In this relinquishing control of it needing to be different we can observe the flawless Nature of its design.

The greatest punishment I feel is when we feel that Self cannot be expressed, when we deny ourselves this flawless observance.

To do this properly, we must have in our Hearts the forgiveness to allow others to heal and rehabilitate, because the Truth and Punishment do not go hand in hand in my opinion. When it's all boiled down, it is Love, and this must be reminded, but accountability is a necessity.

Time to notice all the ways in which I held my Self back, punishing my existence, punishing others, and I'm so thrilled to invite back in more Power to be what I came here to be.

That is All.



Jonathan writes evolutionary philosophical inquiry with the assistance of the Creative Force that is Creator and All that is. He facilitates private counselling sessions, group facilitation, sound experiences, and much more to help individuals unlock Greater Purpose, More Resilience, and Deeper Intuitive Capabilities to help them navigate what can be a confusing world.

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