• Jonathan Robert Martin

Remembering the Ancestors - Poem

Written on: May 30, 2019

Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin

Forests of emerald blue and green, The coral reef visible in the star light. The casted symbols appear smattered On the earthen wall.

I forgave the horrors and crimes, Yet still the suffering did not go away. I cried for help, yet the louder I got, The more no one would listen.

My grave abandoned. No return visitors. I sit quietly hoping Someone will hear my prayers.

What has come of the relationships? The sacred union that forever unites. The powerful connection that Leaves everlasting impressions.

I trust that it will soon Come to pass. Where grandmother and grandson, Walk hand in hand,

Down the troubled roads, down the glory paths. Together, again, One day at a time.

With all the love, In heart and mind.

~My ancestors

Jonathan Robert Martin