• Jonathan Robert Martin

The Love of Coming Together

I haven't written for a while as I am all-in putting together my corporate offering, which I am very excited about! Stay tuned... I'll be back on track in the New Year.

In the meantime, I am being reminded that discernment of the highest levels, heart & gut, are needed as we continue to be reminded in mainstream media of smoke shows, lies, fear programs, and other non-humanistic serving agendas. Anything being shared in News form from mainstream media has an agenda (including Facebook), it serves a purpose, and it is to disclose only that which keeps power and control.

In fact there are so many opinions out there on the internet that we read with our own biases, that following anyone else's theories or agenda becomes dangerous, not to mention energy draining. We need to develop a finer intuition that allows us to readily discern our own truth and how this matches up to what we're being told. My new course offering launching in January 2018 helps people and groups access this intuition.

The love that I've felt from the circles I am involved with is so powerful! Meditation, yoga, healing, coming together in song, this is happening everywhere across the globe! People are actioning the Change they want to see in the world, it is beautiful to hear about. This is not being shown to us on the same scale as it is too empowering, and it is something they cannot control. People are waking up to a higher level of purpose and questioning what they have been told, or what they have been shown is "normal" or "right." This will continue, but so will the messages that we are not on track and things are getting worse. Please use intuition before believing everything you read.

For those unplugged from the news, good place to be. The only one you can truly believe is yourself, start there and then begin to set your boundaries from this place of love.