• Jonathan Robert Martin

The One House

One House

Photo by Suvendu Giri - https://www.upi.com/Science_News/2018/12/31/Cosmologists-claim-universe-is-riding-on-an-expanding-bubble-in-an-extra-dimension/4341546266715/

Imagine for a second that everything you Truly ever wanted, like the deep down encoded frequency that moves You exactly how You are needed in this Life, what you know is coming, was closer than you maybe originally thought?

Perhaps, the thought that has sought to keep it away, distances it with a Space construct, and puts it far away in Time, both of these methods of Separating from the present moment, and thus feeling Pain.... Suffering... Nothing's ever going to work... So far away, don't have this, that, or the other.

The system that denies Wholeness looks to divide. It does this through many ways, but particularly One common theme is to pit groups up against each other by stoking tensions.

Striking the chord of Tension as Creator would say, which everything is in Creation. Plucking the perfect resonance to sound off something that will show itself in Experience, through the Void, either regenerating your Existence, or perpetuating a slow-demise undetected by even the most keen of seers.

We are being asked to stay home in protective mode, Yes. Humans have become dependent on a system providing 'health' solutions that are more like 'fix-it' solutions, because the value of proactivity for some reason hasn't set in yet.

What is proactivity other than a knowing of Preparation, regardless of what drives the motivation. Whether out of Fear of Separation or the Love of Creator/God, proactivity is the Sense of looking forward to determine what it is today that we must do. Wow, great skill!

Proactivity in a sense could help us see whether our actions are destroying the Future of Generations to come or whether they are Regenerating in Nature, or any shade therein between. Of course.

Many ways to determine what our decisions are doing. But ponder this.

Perhaps in the request to stay home in All of its shades of Totalitarianism and Liberation, perhaps the Path that is being brought to you is Best.

Perhaps even in the constriction that is being imposed, we do not acquiesce, and instead take Perspective. Time yes, Space yes, whatever you want to say it is that allows for Perspective to expand, but all of these constructs are simply Perspective... Yes, imagine that!

I don't imply 'taking' perception like a grab-that-cookie-because-it's-the-last-one kind of Perspective, I mean a take in a Rightful command of something that is there to Use and Create with, innately Your Right. Creation first Creator says.

So, the One House? I'm not going to elaborate much. It is the TOTALITY, ALLNESS, ONENESS, GOD, CREATOR-SOURCE, whatever it shall be known as, it is recognized as the summation of All, a pondering that can only expand, and only in its wake break free the destructive force, with Creation first as our Outcome guiding us the way.

That is One House.

It is the House that those that deny your existence fear most, for in it, Truth is Rightfully exposed, and Truth is Rightfully protected. The Armor of God I have heard phrased from the Bible although I will admit a Biblical connoisseur I am not.

This whole thing is not an Evil plot, or else you are only focused on Evil. There is Evil, yes, but it doesn't have to be the Whole damn thing, in fact, it's not even a considerable mention if you had to lay ALL OF THE CARDS of Creation. Seriously, a micro-fragment of Power. The Whole is where the Power of God meets the Human vessel.

The Power is in the House. Yes, we're being Separated (not regenerative) but can we take this Perspective to recognize that we are literally in One House? Seriously, do you feel like you are Separate from neighbours, community, province etc? That is a Perspective. Amalgamate that!

Yes, All of that shit that you don't like.

Yes, All of that shit that you don't want to hear.

Yes, All of that shit that makes you feel down on yourself, although it is simply highlighting depression that was already present.

The experience that shows itself in the Void is what is required for your Test.

What is the Great Depression?

In My View, it is the surfacing of the Great Depression, it is what it is. Literally, figuratively, spiritually. The Lifting of a curtain on a play that had been rehearsing for many years, now the actors are set, and with great awareness we can view its Beauty and utter Chaos in the reordering of something We came to reorder.

The Gift. As a final dance is always required to put to Test your New Perspective you have been honing in the shop, glistening in Golden becoming, but not tested in Reality, not enough battle scars perhaps, get back in there and lets deal with this once and for All.

Yes All, The One House. The House that those who want you in your physical house Separate, do not want you to consider.

Ponder it, could Everything be in One House?

Could there be methods of harmonizing the disdain of considering another's viewpoint in the House?

Could there be the mending of Relationships that we felt were unbendable?

Could there be the Clarity that emerges, the inner gift of Wisdom? Don't know, yours to find out...

Could there be a Magnitude of Potential (Perspective) available on the Otherside of those power-struggling relationships that Create the very pain in which you look to change, but continue to unknowingly choose?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes - Infinitum .

I cannot stress enough, regardless of the '6-foot separate' stuff that doesn't work in my opinion, or the stay at home to protect others story, don't believe sorry, not sorry, my opinion and I'm FREE in that. I am connected in that.

This episode is showing us what we already knew and thought about eachother. It is challenging the physical distancing that was already present, the fear of germs that we heard about as Children.

It is the thing that keeps you from strangers. Or glancing at someone in a grocery store. It is the limitation of our Freedom in full view, time to take every part back in, and see the Glory that awaits... It is the opening of Heart to allow Others in to the Glory of becoming.

Imagine that, sitting suffering, as we perceive something we cannot fully perceive, only because it something we feel we cannot do, nor have Time to do... Bum, bum, bum... . All perspective. Readiness is perspective. Time is perspective. Space is perspective. Resources are perspective.

Willing to expand Perspective yet? It is the ticket out of Insanity. But warning, it might look insane to Suffering, that is where the Clarity resides.

Blessings Jonathan *a little taste of works in the works of the work, the Great Work, not better than, but positively invigorating to Me.