The Shadow Ban

Shadow banning. A noun followed by a verb.

Shadow it's a thing. It's a thing I lean into with Others, exposing the injustices we have identified with, and I understand that is scary for something that chooses not to be exposed.

Is this shadow ban? 0 reached?

Of course it is. I did just post an article with FB's CEO exposing more shenanigans of Corporate globalization. I don't need Facebook, so True! No one actually does... What an insight.... FB is the Opposite of what drives me and compels me forward, to go into the Brave because I have something that it chooses not to acknowledge. Power. Paradoxically I write this note on FB, but that makes sense too. Shadow, banning the light so that it will not see that which is inevitable? Slowing down the unravelling of identity, no longer able to hold on, so everything in their Power they look to survive. It grows weak, this Separation. It grows dim. It does not work. The Human collective has moved on from its swindling. We realize how we were just fighting our Selves. We move in different directions as we are empowered to hold space for those that will need the greatest rehabilitation of All. The Power of Truth is the Greatest, and with this, Facebook I no longer depend on anything you have to offer, that is True. In Love and Bravery, Toughness & Justice. To Freedom Jonathan

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Jonathan writes evolutionary philosophical inquiry with the assistance of the Creative Force that is Creator and All that is. He facilitates private counselling sessions, group facilitation, sound experiences, and much more to help individuals unlock Greater Purpose, More Resilience, and Deeper Intuitive Capabilities to help them navigate what can be a confusing world.

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