• Jonathan Robert Martin

The Silent Voices of Our Times

I shed tears for those who have been silenced not because I feel bad, but because the pain of looking at that, leads to me looking at my relationship with it, and voila, same sort of pain, but in a different lense, still a victim and very much a perpetrator, they need each other in duality matrix.

And then it shows itself to me throughout the day, like a hungry mouse looking for the next snack. Wondering, will this be the day, or will this be the day, or will this be the day, or that be the day. Today for sure, maybe tomorrow, wasn’t last week, fuck, when’s it going to be? Time is on your side, yes it is! (Beatles?) Sing with me.

I shed tears for those who are silenced because I’m silenced and I feel connected in that. In a Separate lens we see them as Separate, distant, so to is the child in me, calling for the chance to have my voice heard, but then it dawns. Then hear it. Hear them. Hear the call. Stop and really listen but certainly don’t try too hard. Wake up and keep waking up until, it’s one big thing. Belonging.

In it, awake in the dream, body moving to a current. It compels you in directions to do and say the things that for centuries we have been told not to do. Fuck that if you please . Speak your mind. Ask a lot of questions and please make me think for myself. Suppression of voice is the Ultimate sign that the plan has worked. But Now, No to silence.

Until you glimpse, in the despise of another, the thoughts that course through you, move you in reaction as you silently scream “stand up for yourself for Godsake. Do you let them walk all over you, are you going to stand there and take that?”

Who are we asking here? Who are we inquiry for? Who are we here to help? Who needs our savings? Self. Self. Self self. Self. And through the lending of Support , to those marginalized and in need, we heal together, on one knee or not, that is the tip of the tip of the iceberg, long ways to go!

I cannot be for another in the Trueness of the spirit of the gift, if it is not for self, and that is something that I have held back and in doing so I’ve held myself hostage, heart in Chains. All of it, nothing scrapped, for the best, as is this, Now, for the best, as is the movement in, deeper, come with me if you choose, the future Created by the movement as Best as you Can as It can not be another way. It Is.

In that I rejoice Let’s listen super deep here Love you Jonny