What Is Transformation?

Two photos. Two years a part.

Transformation and movement recognized.

The Creative Power wielded and witnessed in its Magic and Glory. It can be so illusory, Change, perhaps because Everything is always Changing and therefore change itself is an illusion....

Photo taken from a plum tree in June 2018

Photo taken in a Cherry Tree June 2020.

Two pictures, two years a part.

The first "Earlier-Me" brings up feelings of a desperate seeking.

Like something is being sought after, in a method of Hope, an ideal, reaching towards, but not yet satisfied. Not yet fed. Not wrong, it is the same thing as the latter, just a different expression, a different Point.

This yearning, this sense of seeking was used to seek that which did not need to be sought.

A grand paradox it All is, therefore this Earlier Version, although not nearly as Powerful in a sense of Authority and Command of the Experience and its Design as the "New Version", the "New Version" could have never come to be without the Earlier.

The New Versions conjures up feelings of of contentment and groundedness, a sense of Peace, albeit not perpetual at all.

A genuine sense of Happiness, and no it is not an always state, but I recognize the Transformation. I recognize the Creative Power it took to get from point A to point B, which is All this is.

Wow, what a Path. Take a minute to realize the Transformation! The Creative Power that has lead you, in short periods of time, and longer periods of time, towards your Greatness. Not validated by Others, but by Self. That is the Path of Wholeness.

Take a moment to see what has become and give your Self some slack, it is a Tough journey, but in it breeds Toughness. Yes. Needed for the Work to be Done here, cleaning up messes The New Version allows for more Light as you can see, however even in the shadows, the Earlier Version is of a man that I hold a great sense of Compassion for.

He is learning his way, albeit foolish, as maybe I am still a bit now . Something in him is not fulfilled in its Purpose. It is not clear. It is not knowing of what is going on here, yet, in the Tree I shall be, because an unknowing Force, that is alive in said Tree as well, is guiding to me where I write today. Thank you Earlier Me for bringing me to this Point.

This Earlier Me, I know him intimately, I care for him. I love him. He serves me well, and served me well, and will serve me well into the future. That is what the Past can do, and thus destroying History is dark work, keep your eyes peeled for this.

Earlier Me, gives understanding of the Human condition and its remedy for a Truly Hopeful Solution. I do hope you can witness this Transformation and the Creative Power it took to Fulfill your Promise of Destiny.

Here's to transformation & reaping in the fruitful bounty it can lend towards our Freedom & Empowerment.

These two pictures, although they may seem different, are one in the same thing. Fulfilling a Promise of Destiny.

New beginnings, again! Blessings Jonathan

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