• Jonathan Robert Martin

What Resides in the Dreams!?

We have been to the fire to meet with the Ancestors. In our dreams that is, in this work.

We have been to the stars to visit the wise ones that reside there. For healing, guidance and protection in all ways. The Masters await your council.

We have been on deep cosmic explorations and underwater missions, all in the dream world, beyond any imagination or movie-screen depictions, nor written script.

The stories and plots more miraculous and interesting in my opinion, they certainly carry deep meaning and regenerative capabilities, fascinating twists, trickery all to point me to Truth, Wholeness.We have been to the past, and well beyond the past to the root of the situation facing us, in this moment. We realize the importance of forgetting, the sacredness of duality.

We have tempted ourselves with glimpses and then full realizations of Truth assembled from years past and our present situation, extending into the future, realizing its all one time in the dream world.We piece together future harmony with metaphors, imagery, wilder and more vivid (eventually) than you may have ever dreamed, in these dreams.

We smell, we feel, we hear, we wait, all tests within the dream world.We look through the pools of water, into the crystal ball, we look into the depths of the fire, and feel the waves crashing against the shore, all point to who we Truly are.We call this harmony into our being, the Essence of who we are, it is Real, all of it doable in the dream world.

We have come to resolution with some big things in people's lives, mine included, deep work to unearth some real dilemmas to convert into the Gold we know is possible in our hearts. We decide this.We have companions in the plants, the animals, the trees, unconditionally there to guide us back to our Nature. They are active participants in the dreams, so blessed! Our Nature is Their Nature.

All of these allies guide us in these dreams I speak of, they know the Truth and are protective and healing for us. Everything does in this place, that is the intention.The dream is objective and tells it as it is, yet in such a loving embrace, it knows a path of resolution.Any problem, any problem, has a dream waiting to be explored. Remarkable!

Dream on Great People, Dream on!

A guide, Jonathan Robert Martin