• Jonathan Robert Martin

Where Is This Moving?

How often do we ask What Should I Do?

This is such a loaded question, I choose not to dissect its components, but offer a different question!

Yes, A New Question of Unveiling Clarity.

A short but sweet Reminder that I received as I wonder and wander on this Path of Wholeness.

When we open up our Perspectives, we may notice the urge to be involved and participate intensify.

We may notice the amount of possibilities to partake, or things that we feel passionate about become overwhelmingly abundant.

To the point where it can be confusing perhaps, but refreshing nonetheless, Pure Inspiration is sweet. What happens when we entangle and feel we are conflicting with Other's needs and demands of Us... What oh what should I do?!?! Ahhh, the tension!

Yes, imagining Anything being possible is one thing, but choosing what to do with One's Time Earned is another age old question... What shall I do? Shall is a graduation from Should. Move is a Graduation from Do. Everything is a movement, the speed in which it moves is up to Us, i.e. the sooner we accept an inevitability, the greater opportunity we have to change its course.

It's like realizing an iceberg is front of a ship 2 feet from the iceberg, rather than 20 miles away...

I say Time Earned only from a Perspective of Congratulations, you made it, you earned Time, which in my writings you will see is simply Perspective. The gift of Perspective to allow for its Expansion. So Congratulations! Perspective Allowed for More Perspective! That's the Point!

We follow these Points by pondering, by meeting with that which Creates tension, All of it. By asking questions that begin the Attraction and Repulsion, the symbiotic movement of Giving and Receiving, unfortunately disguised as Hoarding and Taking in a Separate existence.

By noticing, by recognizing our Creative Power, by listening to the deeper wisdom that is guiding Us, we unlock something. Something we know. Something we've known. We do this by who we talk to, what we see, what we hear, smell, taste, sense, it's All part of a story, and our Awareness of it, is the guide.

Yes, Awareness as the guide, we shall be lead WHERE you ask?

Where it already has of course!

Yes, this is what precognition is, a knowing that something is about to happen, why... well, it has already happened!

So if this is the case, perhaps instead of "What Should I Do", which more often than not is meeting another's obligation, can we simply ask "Where is this Moving?" Where Is This Moving meets many objective checkboxes for investigating the Truth of Reality.

I recommend to amplify your ponderings with emotional amplification, possibly like a chil, who is so awe-inspired and filled with the Magic of the Moment they ponder: "Where is this moving?"

This Is What It Is.


Moving towards what you are perpetually READY for. This Readiness relies upon perpetually accessing more and more of One's Pure Memory, which is not infiltrated by the indoctrination of, yes again, another's opinion or story for you to believe.

We have now seen this enough, through Colonial examples, has not lead Us in appropriate directions and now it is Time to embrace its Creation and move in New Directions.

What is True, can only emanate through You. No matter what is said and who is saying it, You are the filter, and that is Evolution. The filters are being removed, and Pure Memory flows in.

No rush though! The more we rush the slower it goes, and the slower it goes, the longer it takes, and the longer it takes, the more it takes from Us, the more pain we feel, into destruction. Yes, it's so slowly moving (a lot faster now) that it can't be perceived unless..... drum roll....

We Listen and take notice!

Yes, Listen, Listen, Llisten. Ask questions, but ponder the listening aspect.

How can we listen?

How can we See?

Do we always need to see with our Eyes, or can we put a bunch of different evidence together to Create perpetual meaning in the Day? To view the answers of the questions we ponder?

That is a fundamental of Human Purpose and the embodiment of God / Creator in a Human Vessel.

Therefore with a Great Curiosity, I ask Creator, Where Is This Moving?

And then allow Life to answer...

Stay tuned, it may appear sooner than you anticipate, like dominoes.

Who shows up, says what, what do you notice? How do you feel? What is the emotional response? How is it resonating in the body? Connect the dots and be a Truth Investigator Extraordinaire.

This is the digestion process. Integration through the Digestive capabilities required to convert it into Useful energy, therefore allow the Digestive process time and space, and let Others know to respect this requirement because it will make it much better in the long run.

Digestion and its recognition allows us to diffuse Tension as we harmonize it, as there is no sense in Healing and Reconciling if we plan on destroying each other as we do it.

Ask the question! Receive the answer! Notice the answer, Receive More! Repeat Glory.



Brief Bio

Jonathan Robert Martin is passionate about uncovering the Truth of Reality. What is going on, why, and how we can harmonize the tensions of and in Reality.

Jonathan is a holistic practitioner with a focus on Emotional Mastery and Communing with the Divine Elements of Nature to allow one to gain a deeper sense of Purpose, Fulfillment, and Awe throughout Life. Jonathan does this through accessing the Origin Stories of Life's conflicting situations to find remedy through a variety of techniques and modalities.

Jonathan writes philosophical ponderings and observings of Reality with connections to the Original Source of it All. He intuits, facilitates healing and transformational experiences in private and community gatherings to create a sense of Clarity and Harmony in the tensions Humans are experiencing in Life. Through his work, clients unlock incredible amout of Creative Potential, Motivation to Change, and Resolution in the deepest of conflicting traumas and addictive Life patterns.

Jonathan creates art, writes music, loves Nature and its abundance, spends time with animals and his amazing family on a farm on Vancouver Island, BC.

Jonathan facilitates private counselling sessions, group facilitation, sound experiences, and much more. Sign up here for the newsletter so you are informed as we cannot rely on the big social media companies to do any of this for Us, they Deny remember.

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