Purpose is more than just what we do, or rather what we wish to do. It is a sacred agreement. Something created long before you were incarnated. Purpose is how we show up and how we operate as much as it is what we do. Nothing is separate, everything is intwined in the most utter and unfathomable perfection. Are you ready to see what your Purpose has had in store since the beginning? 




What was it that you were put here to do? Why do we feel so disconnected from the things we do and what we want to be doing?  How do we best show up and operate in this world? These are all questions that are dying to be answered and are passionately waiting to be awakened. Let me help.



Purpose is more than just doing. It resides in both how we show up and how we operate. Shifting from head to heart is one of the most important and healthiest things you'll ever do for yourself.  Jon takes you on a 4 session coaching experience to access the heart-mind connection & initiate purpose.


When we have obtained a clear reason for being, and how to best operate and show up, sometimes we need help navigating. Jon helps people create a map to navigate and assess where they are at, and clear any blocks along the way that get us stuck. Single or multi-session coaching available.


I began working with Jon after months of cycling through the same habits and patterns, feeling incredibly lost and unsure of myself. I had so much that I wanted out of life but it all seemed to difficult, scary and unattainable. Since working with Jon I've experienced a shift in all areas of my life, especially in my ability to know and trust myself. Each time I had a soul retrieval session with Jon it felt like I was breaking through a wall and gaining a greater understanding of myself and how I fit into this world on a greater proportions. His use of symbolism (animal totems in particular) to help me comprehend some of the subconscious and hidden parts of myself was extremely helpful and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Jon's authentic, wise, insightful and humorous outlook on life makes him a joy to be around and through the work we did together I was shown many exciting and inspiring perspectives on how it is entirely possible to live my dreams. Thank you so much Jon!


The week following, I felt like weight had been lifted of my heart, I have been inspired by Jon Martin, on multiple levels. I have become more creative, I am more active and I procrastinate less. I feel like I have more energy to spend on more important things. Best of all, I love who I am, and I know I am headed in the right direction. The Power of Suggestion, power of love, words, after speaking with Jon, I for the first time in a long time I felt powerful, and I felt like I was in control. Thank you for everything, inspiring me to be more creative, positive.. it's an amazing gift you have brother!

"it could have taken me years to get to this point" It's hard to think positive when you have so much negative around you. So the fact that you can bring someone comfort, at a distance.. is incredible.. make them believe in themselves, you bring hope! Liberator, waker upper… and that’s why I will continue to spread your words, "Jon Martin, you are living proof that one person can make a difference”


Like nature, Jon is gentle, yet discerning, understanding there is a time and place for everything, doing only things that make sense, are holistic and are empowering to the person he is working with. He is honest and open to learning and wise. He has this amazing blend of credibility from all the work he has done and does to prepare for each session, mixed with being present to do what is best for the person at that time. His presence allows him to be calm and relaxed. My memory of Jon helping me through some things I was carrying is in an incredibly beautiful location in nature that he picked out. The time with Jon was both powerful and so easy-going, just a short walk away from where we met up and a short walk back - yet so much happened in that time in nature. I worked through some deep seeds inside of me and helped them grow into something so much more beautiful. Something in that place inside me released after Jon’s intuitive questioning allowed me to shift my perspective entirely. It was so neat that a conversation in surroundings where I really felt held by nature and encouraged by Jon could yield such great results.


Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of subtle energy, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person, but I obviously love to see your face when I can, so I can come see you as well.  Planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles, I can do. Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create flow.