Jon's authentic, wise, insightful and humorous outlook on life makes him a joy to be around and through the work we did together I was shown many exciting and inspiring perspectives on how it is entirely possible to live my dreams. Thank you so much Jon!



Jon is gentle, and yet realistic. He is very clear and passionate about what he does. We set clear intentions, saw the whole space, there was time for him to listen and offer his teachings and for laughter! It was incredible how light I felt after our session and how much energy I had for my space.



I found Jon was very approachable. We had a remote session over the phone which I thought was quite amazing (my first experience of this kind). I knew we were energetically connected because it was very easy for me to relax into a state of meditation even though I was excited by the conversation. The energy was almost palpable. I found Jon's knowledge in the field impressive and his insights very interesting and relevant to my own quest.


I have gone through lots of counselling but the biggest difference... not the only but the most profound has been the healing... the difference... the lightness not just talking and reliving experience but healing the wounds from it.


It could have taken me years to get to this point" It's hard to think positive when you have so much negative around you. So the fact that you can bring someone comfort, at a distance.. is incredible.. make them believe in themselves, you bring hope! Liberator, waker upper… and that’s why I will continue to spread your words.



I am filled with gratitude for our time together on Monday. So deep, so simple, and I was so ready to surrender. I have been sleeping beautifully, Feel like the darkness in that room is gone and the light of love lives there now. Such a tremendous relief. Love devoured fear. I feel so good inside so clear so grateful, blessings and love


So glad to see people doing this important work.


I worked through some deep seeds inside of me and helped them grow into something so much more beautiful. Something in that place inside me released after Jon’s intuitive questioning allowed me to shift my perspective entirely. It was so neat that a conversation in surroundings where I really felt held by nature and encouraged by Jon could yield such great results.



Earlier this year I felt I was going through a major transition and I approached Jon. He simply said, maybe we could meet and I can see if I can help. And help he did.
We went for a walk! Before I left, I knew something really deep had happened and as time goes on it continues to expand.



Working with Jon is an amazing experience. Somehow he saw right to the heart of who I was, in ways that I wasn't even present to. He has revealed things to me about myself that even I wasn't totally clear on. I am very appreciative of all the work and the time I have spent with Jon. He has an excellent, soothing demeanour that facilitates experiencing the deeper truths about life, the universe, and yourself. Thanks Jon!



Jon is a natural facilitator of deep healing experiences. His empathy, compassion, and willingness to hold sacred space create an ideal opportunity for clients to process and heal.



So thankful to Jon for going on a "journey" to discover the power animal of my subconscious. So much makes sense to me now including why I am off balance in my job as my work cycle is completely opposite of my animal's annual rhythms. I look forward to learning more about my power animal to further foster ease on my life path



Jon suggested we do a "clearing" on the house to dispatch the dark energy. We did a small group meditation and help from the spirit guides to purge the entities. This was done remotely from Jon's home and we were actually able to sense the departure of these energies as they left. Upon our return home that evening we could feel the difference, the lightness had returned and we had our home back!



Jon's voice can captivate you. He has pointed me in the right direction. Through our dialogue I have found happiness, joy, and this overwhelming feeling of acceptance for who I was. I recently came to Jon with a personal issue, I actually could feel the anxiety being lifted, or cleansed.



My sense is that Jon is approaching this work from a very authentic place; he has a natural talent and affinity for shamanism, and a generous Spirit. Jon is a good listener and facilitates in a lovely way, with a nice mix of caring, humor, and insightful direction. As he grows further into this work, his shine will expand - many will benefit.


I was very encouraged by the level of comfort we felt with one another right from the first night. This speaks to Jon’s ability to create ease in a circle. I was delighted with the level of honesty , authenticity and respect shared by the people in the group . As a facilitator, Jon modelled these attributes, and set the tone. I was also moved by the fact that we all felt equal in the group, there was no sense of leader and followers. It felt like Our group. And of course the message of dropping into our hearts and out of our heads carries into our daily lives still . I feel like, as a group, we got the message.



We had Jon come and work with us when we moved into our house. Our house had been a rental home for many years before we purchased it and we really wanted to make it our own. With Jon's help we set our intentions into the space and put our own stamp on it, so to speak. We really felt the difference in not only the atmosphere of the house but in ourselves as well. We had moved from a city with very toxic air and we really do believe that what Jon did in our space also helped our bodies to start down the healing path. We would highly recommend Jon to everyone!! 


"The Journey to Resilient Heart course served me in the exact way I was hoping it would...giving me a chance to connect with other humans every week while also giving me a space and tools to practice bringing my life from head-centered to heart-centered."





I am still sitting with this and trying to communicate how I felt or what it did for me. I think it was a critical time in getting unstuck allowing my true/authentic self to begin to emerge and I felt an overwhelming sense of hope! It was a turning point because it was so deep!


Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 6.51.07 AM.png



Servicing the entire Globe from a small island in BC, Canada. With the power of the ways, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person.  With compensation, I am able to travel if you prefer to meet in person .


Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create Channels of Flow.


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NOTE: Because this work is accumulative in nature, I don't recommend one-off sessions to work out life challenges, but I am not in the model of holding people to elongated plans. We can work as long as you or I like.  If we have specific goals, sometimes we require patience, focus, will, and determination to break-through these issues. The invisible realms of medicine (mental, emotional, spiritual) are objective and will help us understand what is required to integrate the changes into our life, what needs to be cleared and what our minds, body and soul can receive are always in our highest good and therefore we cannot force things. We should never be locked into something we no longer choose to do and we do not need to rush.


Sounds refreshing?



Jon Martin is not a medical professional, counsellor, or therapist, and none of his advice should ever be taken in the place of professional advice on any physical or mental health matters, relationships, or careers. The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Individuals must use their own discretion, judgment and common sense at all times and should not break any local, national or international laws. Under no circumstances will Jon be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the information and practices he shares. If you have a medical condition or health concern, always consult your doctor.