Allowing change to flow


"It could have taken me years to get to this point" It's hard to think positive when you have so much negative around you. So the fact that you can bring someone comfort, at a distance.. is incredible.. make them believe in themselves, you bring hope! Liberator, waker upper… and that’s why I will continue to spread your words."

Misty Forest Reflection



Self Inquiry is the Remedy. It is the Cure for a Broken Heart. It is the Mystery of Gifts, Unique Talents, and Magnificence Unravelling. It is the understanding of Reality, Attraction, Repulsion, the Substance that Defines What We Are Made Of and What We Came to Do With That.

Everything is a Perspective. Perspectives are how we Relate. Everything is therefore a Relationship. To Self. Any Relationship to Self CAN and WILL transform if you give it permission to.


I am here to simply remind you of your Wisdom & Power.

Dream on,





I can not stress enough that Everything is a Relationship. And these Relationships are Perspectives. Perspectives inform what shows up, how we react in given situations, what we are ordering up for the future experience.

All Perspectives Can Be Changed.

All Relationships Can Be Changed.

Experience Can Change.

Every present situation has a reason for being, it is based on a Relationship and thus a Perspective Formed, from an Original Intention that set forth the path of learning and gaining of Wisdom.

Most people come to me because they want something gone out of their Life, but I remind them that we are Creators, and what is defined as bad, is merely an over-sensitive Identity looking to belong too. And thus All Things Belong.

In this notion, you are held in my Space as a non-judgmental, confidential guide and intermidiary between Reality, and its Spiritual origins.

Once we determine Source Origin, which we do 100% of the Time, we influence and encourage its completion. This breeds Acceptance. Compassion. Willingness. Creativity and so forth.

This work in a nutshell is the Human embodiment of Creator as the Soul clears out what it has held onto until this point in Time, to release and make new the Gifts of Inner Genius that are ESSENTIAL at this time.

Part of understanding external conflicts is engaging and embracing the internal conflicts that justify the external experience's existence.

Sounds far out, but it is True. The Truth has been kept far out from Humans, but for a reason, it was Us all along. Setting ourselves up for an EPIC journey of Embrace, the Home Coming, the Path of Wholeness, the Communion with Creator, the Ancestors and the Elemental kingdom for the highest good of All.

On my apprenticeship with Dawn Dancing Otter I learned a masterful technique that has only expanded in practicality and implications since I started working with Others. It has us visit that Space. Yes You! To visit with your guides, the Nature of the situation, Ancestors, plants, you name it, we are accessing the Dream that it ALWAYS running. What a gift! To say that people have profound experiences is an understatement. Life changes. It becomes more magical. More meaningful. You start to be the Clarity and Judge of Truth, because it flows through You and starts to embody your identity and All of your experiences, connected as One.

That is Glory! That is Freedom! That is ESSENTIAL!

Within this Form we can set to task on the Purpose Human Beings have incarnated this planet to do. Know what this is, and to whom it belongs... Yes sounds weird, but it can be wrapped up in that.

To understand Creative Potential is to set it free and to manifest what we really came here to set Free :) That is empowerment. I look to empower You!

Let me explain...

All perspectives can change, they are elusive, but so are Transformational techniques used to help break free of trapped and limited identities.  These techniques date back tens of thousands of years, they have been kept and that reason is a part of what you are uncovering. They are also being blamed as the reasons that have you sitting on the sidelines, wanting to Create Change but not necessarily sure about how to do that, or whether Change is actually possible.

This work will get you off your butt and show yourself what you're made of, because Change is not easy, at first. Anything can change if it is merely a Relationship.

So What Will We Do?

This is easy. This work is a conversation. We can do so on phone, Video-chat, or in-person in the Cedar Grove on our property here in Qualicum Bay, BC.

90% of Healing is done through Listening and asking the Big Questions. That is my forte and again, we will uncover the reasoning behind suffering.

Conversations are important, they are how we get things moving, they are how we relate, how we share our story, how we open and broaden our perspective listening to Others.

What will happen?

Your relationship to whatever it is that you are conflicting with, will Change. That has happened everyt time. As per how the converation flows, what we talk about what I'm compelled to Intuitively share with You, I have no idea, but that leaves ample room for magic and awe to be inspired in.

Far too often we make assumptions within limited frameworks of Experience and Emotional Resilience and therefore we head in directions that are not serving Us at this point in time. So we start with not knowing and see what comes up from Creator and the Elements of Nature that make up our very framework, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

This work is kind of like hypnotherapy with a metaphisically amazing twist. I may dream with you, or you on your own with me guiding you safely, remote or in-person it doesn't matter. It is equally profound.

Reasons for this Work

Good to know eh? How much of Life is spent not knowing the reasoning for why we do the things we do, especially when we know it is not good for Us.

If you have been abused in your lifetime, neglected and unvalidated, unsafe, or undisciplined, these can create real challenges in your adolescent and adult life, and unfortunately these traumas experienced by those we love and the society we trusted, continue to manifest in our Life until we make a decision. My service represents a decision of that sorts.

If you feel stuck, not yourself, like life is happening negatively to you, like you can't get a break, like relationships are a drain, like your career sucks and you want out, and you want desperately to know the MORE to Life, then let's dream already. 










Jonathan Robert Martin is the name. Good to meet you.

It seems you stumbled here for a reason, so I'll take a bit of time to tell you a bit about myself.

A holistic and intuitive guide, spending most of my time in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms of Reality, interpreting them so I and Others can make sense of this often confusing Life. 


I guide people to their own sense of Clarity which helps harmonize the conflict in which we are meeting around. Through my Philosophy, awareness teachings and sound, I am here to serve and do good.

I have been training for this role for a lifetime, but consciously as a path over the past decade, having spent time studying with ancient wisdom carriers so that I could blend my approach to encompass my gifts without a culture necessarily to fall back on. 

That's what I was. Cultureless. Lost identities, confused make-ups, reactionary behaviours that were slowly and at times quickly killing me. Depresssed and anxious, addicted are understatements. But that can Change. I am Living Proof, read on below for more information of my story.

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Blessings to all!







The People who typically come to me for work

Note: Private or group sessions can be done remotely or on our farm in the Qualicum, BC Area.

The folks that call upon me are generally noticing 1 or more of the following:​

  • Same negatively perceived experiences happening over and over again.

  • Mild to severe cases of un-fulfillment in life experiences.

  • Witnessing an experience where you are observing your own behaviour.

  • Overrun by emotional reactivity: anger, fear, worry, stress or depression, envy etc. which potentially leads to leading to conflict, destructive / abusive behaviour, addictions and/or illness in a related form.

  • Feeling stuck or confused, oscillating awareness between heart and head.

  • Struggling with relational conflicts with spouse, children, parents, or co-workers.

  • Feeling a relentless pursuit to make a difference in the life of others and the planet but stuck as to How.

  • Experiencing mental health challenges in the family and wondering about spiritual and emotional implications.

  • Wanting to heal deep trauma or abuse that repetitively creates similar challenges but stuck not knowing How.

  • Feeling compelled to embark on an epic journey but don't know where to begin.

  • Talking with Talk Therapists with no Real results.

  • Feeling a sense of isolation or non-belonging in your family or community.

  • Finding it very difficult to start or grow a passion project or business.

  • Experiencing increased exposure or yearning towards Spiritual or mystical happenings.

  • Realizing synchronicity in life, maybe like you're observing a movie.

  • Feeling confused as to where to turn and what to do next.

  • Experiencing helplessness like there is no hope for change.

  • Repetitively seeing what you don't want show up in your life instead of what you do.

  • G aining a deep sense of knowing there is more to life than your current experiencing.

  • Grieving the loss of loved ones or partners or children.

  • Receiving unexplainable communication from lost loved ones.

  • Unsure of how to bring purpose to your Life, in work and family.

  • Feeling stuck in your current work situation and without purpose in life over-all.

  • Either resisting material and financial growth or desperately seeking more and more.

  • Sensing and relating to self and others on a deeper and more spiritual level.




Clearing Trauma In the Dream


My teacher used to say people always came to her to deal with major Life challenges when nothing else worked, now I know why.

We haven't been taught to look there, but that is changing, the catastrophe of emotional upheaval too strong to continue supression...

Most Western therapies are void of the connection we have to the subtle dream realm, the realm that informs EVERYTHING, the Spirit, the Soul, the essence that informs EVERYTHING, the Origin Story of Existence.

So if we are looking for solutions, ways out, alternative courses of Life, more purposeful and meaningful ways to experience Life, yes we can go to its Sources of Origin, the Root, it will contain clarity and answers for certain.

Every 'issue' as we perceive in our Life has a corresponding dream. The dream unfolds much like a journey of sorts, with a beginning a middle and a trasnformative ending. And yes I make it possible for you to be awake in a dream, with me guiding you through it! But it is totally based on your Permission, what we are Remembering.

Amazing is an understatement for these experiences, some people never knew this was possible! I'm not just here to toot my own horn. I was blessed to practice these ancient ways, and now have given myself Permission to do so, defying all odds, turning problems (lead) into sustainable solutions (gold.)

The dreams operate on a subtle realm informing all other realms of our health (mental, emotional, physical), thus changes take place in all areas of our Life, it's really quite simple, we don't need to know how.

When there is a challenge, we can connect in with Natural realms inside your own body for guidance, healing, and magic to reemerge in your Life, this is done through dreams. Here are some client testimonials.

Every issue as we perceive, that I have seen in 100's of cases, including 100's of my own, has a corresponding trauma that happened earlier in Life.  These traumatic experiences can happen for any number of reasons, but essentially as children, we don't know how to process, so we freeze, we lock up, and we forget.

This freezing essentially prevents us from fully learning from the pain of experience we or forced to feel in any given moment, and thus it locks us into limited neural pathways, limiting our nervous system's potential, impacting how we think, how we act, how we pretend, how we relentlessly defend ourselves, when all the while, this shutting off or freezing is what caused it. In the dream, we heat this up and it begins to resolve, and You see, feel, know the resolution.... When has this ever been offered?


Steps to Entering

the Dream

World with Me.

*Note: because this form of therapy involves energetic attunements, remote appointments are not inferior to in-person, freeing me to service where I am required on the globe.

All In-Person appointments are completed with travel expenses paid. I am currently in Qualicum Bay, BC.


STEP 1: Complete Registration form below THEse STEPS

 I will contact you via email with further details required for the intake process and steps leading up to our appointment.


Set aside about 3 hours from start to finish for our appointment. It may also be recommended that you choose a day where you do not have a lot of commitments to allow for added self-care if required. 


For first time clients, to make the most of our appointment together I suggest listening daily to a prescribed meditation to allow for easier access to your dreams during our time together.

STEP 4: Dream-TIME

With the information provided throughout the intake process and current events leading up to our call, we will access a dream that has the insight, the situation, the cause, and the remedy contained for you, perfect for this very exact moment.  Previous Spiritual knowledge and concepts of Metaphysical Philosophies is helpful but not required.


After our call, I will share with you a transcript of our call together, insights I have received, songs/messages/poems that I wish to share with you. What one does with the integration of these changes into their Life is up to them, this is the way it has always been. This work helps us become self-empowered investigators of our own Life.







Pre-Intake Submission



"Jon is a natural facilitator of deep healing experiences. His empathy, compassion, and willingness to hold sacred space create an ideal opportunity for clients to process and heal." Penticton, BC

"Jon's authentic, wise, insightful and humorous outlook on life makes him a joy to be around and through the work we did together I was shown many exciting and inspiring perspectives on how it is entirely possible to live my dreams. Thank you so much Jon! "Comox Valley, BC.

"I have gone through lots of counselling but the biggest difference... not the only but the most profound has been the healing... the difference... the lightness not just talking and reliving experience but healing the wounds from it. "Northern Interior BC.

"Earlier this year I felt I was going through a major transition and I approached Jon. He simply said, maybe we could meet and I can see if I can help. And help he did. We went for a walk! Before I left, I knew something really deep had happened and as time goes on it continues to expand. "Southern Gulf Islands, BC

"Working with Jon is an amazing experience. Somehow he saw right to the heart of who I was, in ways that I wasn't even present to. He has revealed things to me about myself that even I wasn't totally clear on. I am very appreciative of all the work and the time I have spent with Jon. He has an excellent, soothing demeanour that facilitates experiencing the deeper truths about life, the universe, and yourself. Thanks Jon!Greater Victoria Area, BC







As in Nature, I freely share our gifts with those who wish to receive them and offer this service using a PWYV (Pay What You Value) Model.

On average, people have generally paid me $150 CDN on average for those who need an estimate. I am open to more if you choose to express that way or less if that is your only way you feel you can commit. 

For a session of my time in this work, before, during and after, we generally set aside 3 hours for a session to allow for integrating any realizations back into our day-to-day, so I feel $150 on average is reasonable.

With this model, I also open up to donations for anyone with access to financial resources willing to share and invest in a brighter future. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support me :)


With Me

Servicing the entire Globe from Vancouver Island BC, Canada. 

With the power of these ways, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person. 

With compensation, I am able to travel if you prefer to meet in person .

Or you can visit our Farm in the Qualicum Bay area if you are near.

Wherever you are, whatever your budget, let's see how we can and will create Channels of Flow.


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Jon Martin is not a medical professional, counsellor, or therapist, and none of his advice should ever be taken in the place of professional advice on any physical or mental health matters, relationships, or careers. The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Individuals must use their own discretion, judgment and common sense at all times and should not break any local, national or international laws. Under no circumstances will Jon be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the information and practices he shares. If you have a medical condition or health concern, always consult your doctor.