Intuitive Life Coach | Healer | Mentoring Herbalist

Self-proclaimed Comedian/Clown

Wellness Advocate & Social Justice Activist

Sound Healer / Vocalist / Songwriter| 

Speaker & Group Facilitator | HeartMathTM Certified Coach

Apprentice of The Alchemist Path International

Academy of Healing Arts |

Ready to Say YES to Life & its epicness

My name is Jon. I've been transforming negative energy into positive energy since as early as I can remember. As a child growing up, I always felt it was my role to bring insight in unclear times, help remedy difficult situations or clear the air so to speak, and I always had this deep fascination with the mind and how we can work with it to create change and better handle stress and adversity.

My gifts were not always recognized. In fact, I am still wading through the stories we hold as children who don't have our gifts validated, do not receive the appropriate amount of nourishment as we were truly meant to have. 


With Channels of Flow I wish to show individuals and organizations an Unlimited Capacity to serve that remains dormant in all of us until it is activated. Once activated it can manifest as huge shifts in creativity, clarity, resilience, alignment, and connection to one another. 


Since graduating from business school and entering into the corporate world, I was simultaneously training in ancient healing and wisdom teachings in Reiki and Energy Healing lineages, Heart-Math Institute's Coach/Mentor Program, Apprenticing in The Alchemist PathTM teachings with Dawn Dancing Otter, among other yogic, meditative and healing practices.

Although I loved the strategy of business and the connections I had with people, my true passion lied in the healing arts so I decided to take 2 years and delve deep into the teachings and myself. At the beginning of this process I had a dream. It was so real. I had merged my passions. I was using practices of energy work to cleanse space, to bring wholeness to broken systems and cultures, to create a company that was both the present and future of business.  I came out of the dream crying it was so impactful. This was it, I had found my purpose and calling. I was to go back into the business world eventually and share what I had learned and help those trying to make a difference break through the barriers and unlock their own unlimited capacity to serve. 

This dream initiated an intense process where I became what I had dreamed. To dream a dream is one thing, but to go through the unfolding and be acutely aware of the process that takes you there is a miraculous event. It was not easy, but I am out the other side with what I feel is the most progressive offering in the organizational world today, and I say that with utmost sincerity.


I created Channels of Flow to share my experiences and abilities with others that are looking to make profound and substantial change in their lives, work, and for the planet.

I am a trained magician in my abilities to make profound changes in the health and prosperity of people's lives and organizations they lead. This can show up in many different forms, 90% of the recipe is learning to be resilient and present through life's unfoldings. 


Magically, most of the work I do face-to-face with his clients can be done remotely wherever you are around the world with use of voice or video conferencing. Real change through the use of my practices has no boundaries.  

Where I've Come From:

I have long suffered in my life from anxiety, depression, addictions, self-confidence issues, self-loathing, poverty / lack consciousness, jealousy, deep anger, greed and the list goes on.  I was living my life subconsciously in fear.  It seems on the healers path, you darn near go through it all, the gauntlet, how could you help others heal otherwise?  I have taken personal accountability and have shift nearly every facet of my life through the vital tools I have learned and been blessed to bring forward. I encourage everyone I work with to take personal accountability, without it we get locked in the maze. 

Words from My Heart:

"I have come through an incredible amount of change in my life. I have shed the stories and beliefs that have held me back from my true purpose and prosperous way of being on this planet.  I have made physical moves and decisions in my life that are not only bold, they may even be seen as incredibly risky. But what is worth living for also has to be worth dying for, or else we get to a place where we though it would be all figured out and we are faced with the same emptiness because we never gave it a chance. I did this all not in the face of recognition, but in the face of love. Deep down behind all of the stories is a love for people and a love for my planet.  If I went deeper and deeper into Why I wanted to do this, I could only see love for others. This felt so right. I wanted to prove to myself and to others that change, real Change is not only possible, it is essential to transform our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to the planet we live on. In fact, our very survival as a species is dependent on our ability to change the way we show up in the world, and how we expand our awareness back into a more natural, harmonious way of living. It is time that we survey our actions to this point and ask very simple yet powerful questions: Why am I doing this and is this serving me and my fellow human beings?

These questions allowed me to see many of the limiting beliefs that I had picked up from others along the way that did not serve my path of greatness. Greatness from a standpoint of recognizing the genius and gifts that laid deep below many surface identities that no longer served me. I did not choose to be afraid any longer. I did not choose to have others control my destiny. I did not choose to react out of fear any longer. I accepted what was, accepted who influenced, and made a new choice. I did not choose to do things for reasons that no longer resonated with my soul. At one point I desperately seeked satisfaction, but I now know I was seeking fulfillment. To be full in all aspects of my life. My health. My relationships. My love-life. My financial perspectives and beliefs. My contribution to the planet and its inhabitants. My desire to explore the secrets and mysteries of the Universe. My  creative talents and gifts. I wanted this to be my life and this starts with a choice. It is a big choice. But I can't see any regrets in the work that has been done. Now it is time to share these gifts with others and to help people and organizations shift the energy to one of unlimited capacity to serve."

What I value:

I value trust, transparency and intimacy.  I love to laugh, I am a little absurd at times. I am a disruptor of the status-quo, I have seen to many opportunities for change in this world to sit in idle mode, it's go time.  I am a life advocate for holistic and preventative healthcare, especially for the capabilities we have to heal ourselves. I love to see companies that are making a difference in this world and helping their employees mentally and emotionally. It is very inspiring and encouraging for the planet.

How I best operate:

In Nature. 

I like to laugh and make people laugh.  Laughter is one off the best things we can do for one another, it actually is the best medicine.  I am a fiery Sagittarius Sun-sign with a Gemini rising, I'm a very emotional being. I would consider myself a griever which allows me to adequately understand someone's emotional state and help them through the processing very Naturally. In fact the first time I ever supported someone (and it was profound) I had no formal training, just self-discovery (and it was profound.)

I love to be basked in Nature. I have lived in amidst some of the most beautiful serene places in Canada and will choose to only live where I'm called to until my dying days. The spirit of Nature is always communing with us, waiting for our attention and awareness to awakened something in us that has been dormant for too long.

In fact, the quickest and most powerful transformative experiences can happen when we are in Nature and we give it permission to help us find our own Nature.  Check in with me, if you don't know about this. 

I conquer fear, this is what I help a lot of people do. Help them over the self-perceived barriers so they are free to discover, create, and stand in their truth. 

I am always looking at ways to do things better, more efficiently and for the betterment of the planet. I'm an ENFP in the Myer's Briggs world, although I feel Spiritually we can break through any stereotype, but ultimately we are unique individuals waiting to be unravelled. It is acute psychology. Spiritually my innate way of being ruled by the Beaver, Deer, and Eagle is to work hard, build community, be still, carve new paths that others dare not go, and dream really big with precise vision, and resilience to change. I am recently working with horse as we are now on a farm with three of them - so fascinating. although many animal guides come into my awareness! I feel this is available to all.  

Let's together shift to a model of Empowering the People.

"Authenticity is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. Suppressing this true nature can be the greatest of sufferings. What do you choose for your Life?"

~ Jon Martin

Servicing the entire Globe from the big island in BC, Canada. With the power of subtle energy, I can remotely do ANYTHING I can do in-person (Qualicum area), but I obviously love to see your face when I can, so I can come see you as well.  Planes, trains, ferries, and automobiles, I can do. Wherever you are, whatever your resources, let's see how we can and will create flow.


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