Why people require healing to transcend limited experiences.

In my teachings and experience, the physical body holds many key indicators for our overall health and wellbeing.  The body communicates through sensations we identify as pain, stress or inflammation, or harmony, and peace or any other emotion.  The body is always communicating as to how we are feeling in that given time.  


The emotional body carries our method of experience. How we feel about the world is experienced in this body, but requires one to feel what is being experienced or that emotion becomes ignored, it gets stuck and builds up over time, attracting situations to experience that unprocessed emotion over and over, until something literally breaks the damn.

This is a highly unconscious process, but is happening everywhere and anywhere.


Spiritually, we attract what we hold on to, but everything contains a Spiritual undertone, an Energy that exists in all things and connects all things in the Universe.  In my teachings and most importantly in my experience, believe it or not, you are creating this all!

Some will say, why would I create this experience, such a painful miserable story. And I tell them, you created the experience so that you could transcend the story, but you didn't craft your own story. This is your story, the breaking of deep rooted traditions that don't serve our collective and individuated intentions so that your brilliance, unique and alive can emerge. You came here to learn someone else's story and then choose whether that was the story you actually resonated with as Truth.


 It is the same story found in all institutions, was told through enough of the generations, this story was believed by the many and held by the few as a method of destructive gain. 

Our ancestors and their ancestors have been living a story, a fable, a lie.  They carried it forward so that we could come and rewrite our own individuated story that is based on creating a new collective.  The ancestors may still be carrying this in the Spirit world and need our assistance to help them find their way and connect with them for our own healing.


This is story of separation and it created a movement so far and so extensively, that by the time it went overseas, there was no stopping it. People became blind messengers of the story and no matter where we go, we are reminded... We lost our spiritual connection, our ritual, our ceremonies, stuck lost in a world that lacked culture and condition...


until ONE DAY you wake up.

That one day, where we bring awareness to a specific story, the one that allows us to peek through the looking glass from an observer standpoint. To view the tape that is playing with a different quality and perhaps a different perspective of observance. Like we separate from it to begin the process of collecting in the new era of being.


So we separate to find that what we had identified and possibly wanted for ourselves at one time, does not resonate. This is a moment of great importance for the individual and one where they require great support. They are opening up a door into the shadow realm of who they have become. Great care, patience, technique, and intuitive capabilities are required to enter this path.  We can not avoid this path for long. We can try, but if it is meant for us, it will creep on over.  

We have been taught to give our power away to those who do not hold our best interests in mind, on the Empowered path this is not an option.  We no longer give over our permission to those who do not hold our highest good in mind.

This work comes in here, when the individual has had, one awareness, of something not working, but yet from a different perspective. This perspective often hits emotions that are so repressed, they bust at the seems to come out. 


If you feel emotional, its because you are meant to feel emotions.  We were not taught about emotions in the institutions we grew up in, however how someone is feeling on a deeper human level lie the answers to our health and happiness, holistically in all levels of being.

Here is an example of what I am looking for when I meet with a client:


Conscious Energy is well... Conscious. It has an intention, a purpose, although perhaps lost, it is an entity of energy that communicates and is navigating its own path.  This concept has been bastardized by Western media to call this the work of the devil, or that exorcisms are these scary, forbidden ceremonies only taken on by the Priests of a religious institution. the dramatization of these in movies like The Exorcist has scared people into a subconscious reality that this is scary. It buries into our subconscious as a possibility, and therefore we give over our power and sovereignty to something that does not have our highest good in mind.

Entities could come from a wide array of experiences in life, from extreme trauma or near death experiences, from repetitive mind-conditioning that has you believing in the power of something's energy rather than that thing (money for example), or a belief that it's possible.  Entities see the gateway in and begin to attach themselves into one's auric field (energy body).

These entities have conscious choice, so rather than living with unconscious energy that is reactive in nature, the conscious energy of entities acts with you, it takes a part of the drivers seat.


However, the solution is not common knowledge. An entity presenting itself to me through you will often look like an "I'm not myself" kind of interaction. Not feeling like me at all, or feeling angry, or deeply sad, is a clear indication that there may be conscious energy. 


An entity presenting itself wants out.  The frequency of the collective of humanity plus the planet we live on is creating a repulsion outward of the human form.  These entities that fed on darker lower energies are no longer finding what they need and have to jump host.

I have learned the ways to clear these entities and initiate a return of the essence of you that once fled the scene in the event of trauma or programming. 

2. Unconscious Energy

These are the self-creations, the walls of limitations that we have built up in defence of not knowing how it was all going to work out.  So that we could avoid the pain or manipulate it so desperately not to have to feel it again.

But it happens, again, and again, and again. If this is your recognition, of a pattern that is repeating itself over and over again in your reality, it is a sign that an accumulation of energy has built up in all levels of your being.  It most likely will cause stress hormones to be released every time you think of it or run into it in Life.


We shift this Energy using Ancient Alchemical teachings that allow more light of the soul to shine through so to speak.  By viewing and recognizing traumas, ancestral patterns, societal conditions, we can begin to clear the path for a new way of being, Autonomous.  Autonomy involves getting back the choice in how one participates in life.  When it becomes about conscious choice, we unlock a gift that our society had long forgotten.  Purpose.  We want to tap into something that is surfacing and seems exciting, adventurous, clear, magical.  It is the gateway to insight and healing.

When we heal, we are essentially repairing the Spiritual Energy body, that Science has now proven exists around all of matter, not just human beings. Every individual is energetically shaped as the collectives it forms, but the flow of this energy and what collects differs from person to person. So when unconscious energy collects in our energy body it begins to manifest itself in our emotional reactivity, in our mental conditioning and neural connections we form, it also begins to affect the nervous system and hormonal system that govern our health and overall sense of wellbeing.



By identifying this objective Energy at the root of ALL TRAUMA and CONDITIONING, we can isolate, clear, and return the essence of your Soul body (Energy body) and allow more of the creative potential to shine through. This manifests in magical outcomes in life, when and only when we can begin to feel our way through it and see that life is actually meant to be felt. This is where we really see our journey as holding significance, not just the outcomes that we try to steer reality towards and away from.

The most difficult obstructs tend to be the societal conditioning, because as you shift out of it, there are many others still prevalently in it, so you have to adapt and inevitably accept that that is another part to this reality, but at least we can then see it objectively and not tie ourselves into the construct of emotional reactivity, no one wins there...